Don’t Kill the Whistleblowers! by Donald Ray Soeken, Ph.D.


This  book will change how you think about whistleblowers…and America.

“Don’t Kill the Messenger! How America’s Valiant Whistleblowers Risk Everything in Order to Speak Out Against Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Business and Government” describes the harrowing experiences of nine American whistleblowers who found the courage to “go public” with reports of alleged lawbreaking at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Author Donald Ray Soeken, Ph.D, a former U.S. Public Health Service officer, spent more than three decades counseling whistleblowers who reported shocking abuses by employers like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Defense. Dr. Soeken long career as a counselor and expert witness for some of America’s most high-profile whistleblowers has been featured in the New York Times and Parade Magazine, on CBS 60 Minutes and in numerous other publications.

Dr. Soeken, who was instrumental in the passage of landmark congressional legislation that ended the practice of forcing federal civil servants in the legislative branch to take “fitness for duty” psychiatric exams, spent more than three years writing the new book.

“It was a long and arduous process,” he said, while noting that he had served at one time or another as a counselor to all nine of the whistleblowers whose stories are related in the book. “But I was convinced when I started – and I’m still convinced today – that we need to understand what whistleblowers go through in this country, en route to telling the world about abuses that threaten our liberties in the America we all love.”