Whistleblower Fred Whitehurst discusses flawed forensics

In the above interview for Al Jazeera, Dr. Frederick Whitehurst discusses flawed forensics, the subject of his disclosure as an FBI whistleblower. Learn more about his battle with the FBI in Dr. Soeken’s book, “Don’t Kill the Messenger!”

Don Soeken discusses his new book with Joan Brunwasser

Dr. Don Soeken met earlier this month with writer Joan Brunwasser to discuss his new book, “Don’t Kill the Messenger!” The interview was published in a May 22 in OpEd News.

“What made you qualified to write this book and why are you called “The Bulldog” for whistleblowers?  Brunwasser asked.  

“I take cases no one else will – and I win,” said Soeken. I’ve counseled hundreds of whistleblowers over the past 40 years. I tell all in my recent book, focusing on just a few of the whistleblowers I’ve helped.”  Continue reading